Software Analytics

Advanced Features and Functionalities

Advanced Features and Functionalities of FootfallCam Analytic V9

The Tool for Assessment & Strategic Planning

Insights from Data

Effortlessly access analytics and KPIs for informed decision-making, putting the power to act swiftly directly into businesses’ hands.

Planning Workspace

Empowering businesses with a dedicated workspace for precise traffic forecasting and operational optimization in strategic planning.

Customizable Dashboard

Businesses can easily personalize settings and dashboards to focus on their most valuable data.

AI Suggestions

Leverages AI-powered technology to offer recommendations and propose actions driven by data insights.

Efficient Operation

Real-time data and analytics enable businesses to pinpoint inefficiencies and lower costs, leading to streamlined operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Efficient processes and a user-friendly interface maximize productivity, saving businesses valuable time and enhancing efficiency.

Quantifying visitor numbers

Monitoring and quantifying individuals entering a physical area, providing real-time and historical data on foot traffic and occupancy levels. This information is displayed through user-friendly dashboards and reports, offering actionable insights.

Comparing sales data with footfall data or purchasing group​

Businesses compare sales data with footfall data to grasp the connection between customer visits and purchases. By analyzing these data sets together, they can calculate conversion rates, showing the percentage of visitors who make a purchase. This analysis aids in assessing the impact of marketing strategies, store layout, and other factors affecting customer behavior.

Quantifying customer engagement in a specified area.

Measuring customer engagement in a specific area aids businesses in comprehending customer interest and involvement. By examining metrics like duration of stay, interactions, repeat visits or purchases, and survey responses, businesses can obtain valuable insights for decision-making and enhancing their offerings.

Differentiating between adults, children, and objects through object classification.

Object classification techniques that differentiate between adults, kids, and objects significantly improve classification accuracy. By utilizing visual cues like size, proportions, facial features, body posture, movement, and contextual information, we can achieve more precise and reliable results. Accurate object classification holds great potential for enhancing understanding and analysis.

Object classification techniques that distinguish between adults, children and objects.

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