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Enhancing Retail Analytics with FootfallCam’s People Counter: A Case Study of Amway Japan

Amway Japan operates a network of retail stores and experiences steady foot traffic. To ensure a superior customer experience and optimize store operations, the company sought a reliable solution to accurately count and analyze visitor numbers. The challenge was to gain real-time insights into customer behavior, peak hours, and store performance.


a. Inaccurate Foot Traffic Data: Amway Japan faced challenges in accurately measuring foot traffic, relying on manual counts and outdated methods.

b. Limited Customer Insights: The company lacked actionable insights into customer behavior, making it challenging to tailor in-store experiences and optimize staff allocation.

c. Peak Hour Management: Identifying peak shopping hours was a critical need to ensure efficient staffing and inventory management.


1. Amway Japan selected FootfallCam’s People Counter, a cutting-edge solution designed to address these challenges. The key features and benefits of the solution included:

a. Highly Accurate Counting: FootfallCam’s advanced technology offered highly accurate counting, reducing errors associated with manual counting methods.

b. Real-time Data: The People Counter provided real-time data, enabling Amway Japan to monitor foot traffic as it happened.
c. Customer Behavior Analysis: The solution offered comprehensive insights into customer behavior, including dwell time, entry and exit points, and customer flow patterns.

d. Peak Hour Identification: By analyzing the data collected, Amway Japan could identify peak shopping hours and make informed staffing and inventory management decisions.

e. Integration Capabilities: FootfallCam’s People Counter seamlessly integrated with Amway Japan’s existing analytics systems, ensuring a smooth implementation process.



1. The implementation of FootfallCam’s People Counter in Amway Japan’s retail outlets was executed smoothly. The solution was deployed across multiple stores, with minimal disruption to daily operations. Training was provided to staff to ensure effective utilization of the system and to interpret the data generated.


1. The implementation of FootfallCam’s People Counter yielded significant results for Amway Japan:

a. Accurate Foot Traffic Data: The solution provided Amway Japan with highly accurate foot traffic data, eliminating the need for manual counting and minimizing counting errors.

b. Real-time Insights: Amway Japan could access real-time insights into customer behavior, allowing them to make data-driven decisions on staff allocation and customer engagement strategies.

c. Peak Hour Optimization: By identifying peak shopping hours, Amway Japan optimized staffing levels and inventory management, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

d. Enhanced Customer Experience: With a better understanding of customer behavior, Amway Japan enhanced its in-store experience, tailored promotions, and improved product placement.



Amway Japan’s decision to implement FootfallCam’s People Counter proved to be a game-changer in optimizing retail operations and enhancing the customer experience. By leveraging accurate foot traffic data and real-time insights into customer behavior, Amway Japan was able to make informed decisions that positively impacted its store performance. This case study highlights the value of innovative retail analytics solutions in the modern retail landscape, where data-driven decisions are crucial for success.